SUNDAY 23TH MARCH, biker mood sometimes feels so good, I definitely wear it many times during a week. I think of buying the blue perfecto from Zara, maybe you've seen it already on shops or on the web. Second thing that I just love is skirt, I don't have many of them but I think a girl should wear more skirts and less leggins or pants. For the boots I worn them so much !! I left my heels and my sneakers for these babies because of the gold cracked zipper at the back which is so unusual and makes me think of Alexander Wang designs . Lot of love, C


FRIDAY,14th MARCH, I haven't post for such a long time guys I'm ashamed, really ! I never found a trench coat that I like. I hate buttons, straight cuts, and brown weird colors of most of them. Until this one which is so flawless and delicate, I totally had a crush. I think you can wear this kind of coat with black pants, jeans, or skirt, and for the shoes,to me, heels are the better option. Lot of love, C.


SUNDAY 2ND FEBRUARY, Crop tops are the trends of the season. I used to wear mine with normal legging or pants but a high-waisted pants matched with a crop top is so much better. I found these one at American Apparel and it's called " Disco pants " because if you really look at the material it's like glitters. Finally a legging with pockets thanks God  haha... What's written on my top is just so nice and true I ike tees with messages. The Nike Roshe run are also the best because of the design (there are so many models) and the comfort. Well, for the beanie a touch of pink during winter is recommended !

Lot of love c

Beanie : AmericanApparel
Top : Zara
Pants : American Apparel
Shoes : Nike roshe run


SATURDAY 1FEBRUARY, Just went on the Zara website to check some clothes but the new Spirng Summer 14 is available ! I just have no words for the beauty, the cuts and the purity of their clothes. Zara did better than ever. I love their new prints like palm trees or tasks. The cut-out boots in light colors are so nice, and the crop top are amazing. Well, I just invite you to check their new collection because some pieces are gonna rule !